Who we are

AsNow Consulting Engineers, with a creative approach tries to design and construct architectural projects that provide increased personal satisfaction by improving the quality of living space. AsNow’s professional career started in 2010 by E. Tavassoli, a graduate of Tehran University of architecture" and "S. Tatari, a graduate of Tehran University Interior Design" and by realizing the groups ideas, diverse architecture projects in different locations, were built. Till this day AsNow’s resume consists of variety of residential, office, commercial, medical, educational, cultural and other buildings that in addition to improving quality of Iranian architecture and user satisfaction, is a valuable achievement for the firm.

AsNow Architectural firm, started its career in fields of design and supervising projects. Realization of the idea and turning imagination into reality, requires a conscious and design oriented execution which according to its larger scale, Is of particular importance. Since the major problem of built projects in Iran, is its weak execution and inconsistency of proposed design with the built work, a creative and qualified construction team was added to AsNow design Firm to achieve its goals in the best possible way. Although small changes in the design during construction is inevitable, Appling these changes in a way that is consistent with the design ideas, is the one of the crucial aspects of design execution. Therefore, with the integration of design and construction teams, respected clients can assign their projects to AsNow Firm, from design to construction and from field studies to interior design. Finally, with the group's efforts and positive cooperation with clients, as a result the project will be a lasting impression regardless of time and location, and will provide users with pleasure and efficiency.

Art of design as a Multilateral challenge has roots in different individual, social, cultural, geographic, political, economic, psychological and other subjects. Other than Strong theoretical basis and precise knowledge of arts, it depends on Artist's intuition and emotional connection with the subject that eventually with creativity, results in a work of art. Architecture and interior design as an art of designing space are not any different and being a functional art, created piece more than any other art form, depends on interaction of cognition and Intuition of the artist. Although in architectural design process, scale of cognitive and intuitive ideas is different for each project, ignoring each would affect the quality of work and the building won’t be able to reach its highest potential. AsNow Consulting Engineers, with a new approach based on the fundamental principles of contemporary architecture, continuity of architectural values and emphasis on creativity, exercises creation of spaces that in addition to user satisfaction, improve quality of Iranian Architecture and increase the perception of it. This emphasis is also consistent with the context and background of the impact and effectiveness and influence of culture of the region.


Ehsan Tavassoli

Ehsan Tavassoli Co_Founder

Solmaz Tatari

Solmaz Tatari Co_Founder

Nila Shahmohammadi

Nila Shahmohammadi Architect

Farid Rajabi

Farid Rajabi Architect

Amir Hossein Najimi

Amir Hossein Najimi Detail Designer

Masoumeh Shasti

Masoumeh Shasti Detail Designer

Neda Jahantab

Neda Jahantab Graphic Designer

Bahman Zare

Bahman Zare Construction Supervisor

Soheil Sabili

Soheil Sabili Construction Supervisor

Armin Shahmohammadi

Armin Shahmohammadi Construction Supervisor

Fatemeh Eivazzadeh

Fatemeh Eivazzadeh Secretary

Rana Ghamarsourat

Rana Ghamarsourat ex-colleague

Marziye Dehghan

Marziye Dehghan ex-colleague

Zahra Jafari

Zahra Jafari ex-colleague

Javad Fakhri

Javad Fakhri ex-colleague

Mohammadreze Khoiefar

Mohammadreze Khoiefar ex-colleague

Atabak Behforuz

Atabak Behforuz ex-colleague

Milad Rezvani

Milad Rezvani Construction Supervisor